What is Gamifly?

Gamifly is a decentralized web3 platform created for and fully owned by genuine sports and esports fans worldwide.
Unlike other platforms that prioritize the most popular sports such as soccer and basketball, Gamifly recognizes the diversity of sports and esports across the globe. Such as cricket for India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, baseball for Japan and American football for the US. In addition, sports like cricket originated from south-east England, being popular in Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka with growing popularity in many countries around the world such as Afghanistan, the Netherlands, Kenya, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. This indicates the potential of all kinds of sports and the necessity of building more diversified communities. This platform is shaped by the passion and creativity of real fans, ensuring that every sport has an equal chance to shine.
Creating an inclusive and accessible community is key to realizing the vision of a more vibrant and inclusive sports and esports industry. With over 40 countries where soccer is not the most popular sport, it is important to build a platform that caters to fans of all interests and backgrounds. By empowering fans to take control of their own esports experiences, play esports chain games or participate in the tournament and join the decision making process of sports teams, we can create a more dynamic and engaging platform that reflects the values and interests of the people who make it all possible. Join us and let's create a new era of sports and esports together.